Atollvic 56

Steel Yacht of the sloop type with delayed crosstrees and central cockpit. Atollvic 56 has been designed by Xavi Cardell.
It has category-A certification  and stands out for his classic design, reliability and strength and quality build.

Our Atollvic 56 promises unforgettable sensations to the boldest shipowners.

  • Overall length: 17,24 m.
  • Hull length: 16,76 m.
  • Beam max.: 4,75 m.
  • Draft max.: 2,60 m.
  • Half load displacement: approx. 31.000 Kg.
  • Nº of cabins: 3.
  • Homologated crew capacity CAT A: 6 persons. CAT B: 12 persons.

Exterior View