Atollvic’s Top Ten Tips for an Adventure on your Yacht

Planning ahead:

If a your yacht doesn’t require a full refit and repair, we would like to share our top tips on what to do to prior to an epic adventure through the seas:

  1. Make sure the boat is prepared for long distance, is sea worthy and can cope with seafaring conditions – you don’t want to put lives at danger
  2. Carry out a thorough maintenance assessment on products and machinery by using a check list, and ensure they are checked and ticked off in a proper and orderly manner
  3. Carry out the maintenance assessment on products and machinery on a daily basis when out at sea Use the check list and ensure checked and ticked off in proper and orderly manner and all the team understand
  4. Obtain well made and good quality products or services are used onboard to ensure value for money and worth
  5. Ensure the crew have been educated and trained on all products and services, and training has been given
  1. Ensure there is plenty of clear documentation and easy to use instructions onboard for products and services
  2. Make sure design and functionality of products and services is not overly complex otherwise problems may take far longer than envisaged
  3. Investigate and take reference, and check reputation and enquire about warranties and guarantees on all products and services
  4. Ensure there is enough food and refreshments on board
  5. Buy / design a boat so every time you look at it you smile! This will make every adventure perfect.

An epic adventure is waiting for you:

Dominate the seas with the Atollvic 56 Sailing Yacht

Steel Yacht of the sloop type with delayed crosstrees and central cockpit. Atollvic 56 has been designed by Xavi Cardell. It stands out for his classic design, reliability, strength and quality build.

Every boat needs care and attention but, when considering going on an adventure, this is even more important. There are thousands of details to consider and any boat owner doesn’t want to leave anything to chance.

Also, if a boat is not maintained to high order, it will reduce its commercial value, opportunity to charter and the owner may become disillusioned with the boat. Therefore refit and repair is key for all yachts at some point in their lifetime, and more importantly when going on a long adventure to ensure it’s safe.”

Check out our special special yacht maintenance services and request more information.