Born to be Unique: Atlantis Xcape 76 Full Aluminum Superyacht

When thinking on premium materials to build a luxury motor yacht, the  aluminium is one of the best choices due to its resistance, flexibility, lightweight, resilience and surface quality. 
With this premise, we put ourselves at work to conceive a new superyacht that offers something different and exclusive starting from its foundations.
In fact. it’s rather unusual to see a full aluminum yacht on this size range with all the advantages this entails, but the new Atlantis Xcape 76 has born to be one of a kind and aluminum is its birth mark.
Nowadays, several aluminium alloys are being used to make the most of this noble material. We have carefully chosen the best option (AlMg4.5 Mn – H321to enhance the natural beauty of this yacht.
Check out this brief timelapse of the construction.

An epic adventure is waiting for you:

Explore the seas with the new Atlantis Xcape 76 Superyacht

The Atlantis Xcape 76 has been especially built to satisfy the boldest owners… those who are looking for new experiences, who long for adventures and hope for unique sensations in every corner of the world.