N6 Texel

This Old Classic Schooner Nº 6 of London was built at the yard P.Smit Jr. in Rotterdam in 1920, and has been refitted recently by Atollvic Shipyard.

She had her first contact with the rough north sea at the end of 1920.

In 1923 Conversion to Motor Schooner N°6 close to the Rijksweft Willemsoord, she got a Kromhout 25 hp, 2 cylinder motor on her port side installed.

In 1925 in service as Motor Schooner N°4 in the 6th district (East- and Westerschelde) coast and channel service.

In 1947 she got sold to the former Egyptian King Farouk d’ Egyptia. New name: “Feid el Bihar”. Registered in Venice / Italy.
Finally in 2002 she got sold to the actual owner, named as N°4 of London, registered in London, UK.

Exterior View