Treatment and Care of Burmese Teak

Burmese Teak Care

Burmese Teak Care

When you buy a burmese teak deck, you have bought the best and most resistant wood for outdoor use. Teak is the choice of the best shipyards and the best master carpenters and cabinet makers for naval use for centuries.

To care and maintain your cover easily and with the best possible appearance, we suggest the following guidelines:


Over time, your teak wood instead, from its original golden brown color it becomes a silver gray.

During this period of transition, you can observe an oxidation that is nothing more than an effect caused by the superficial oils of the wood in contact with humidity and air (fog, dew).

This is a normal stage of teak, and also of most woods, but if we take measures in time they can be easily corrected.

As with everything left outside, its cover will be subject to impurities in the air, such as pollen and air dirt or pollution. For this, we recommend washing, wet frequently without any additive, soap or of course degreasers. Teak loves water.

Occasionally perform this same process with soapy water, but use a very mild neutral soap, this will help keep air impurities out of your cover.

Difficult spots can be a sponge with soap and water. Punctual application of a cleaner may be required.

Burmese Teak Care


If your cover is excessively dirty or degraded, clean with a medium bristle brush, rubbing gently and always against the longitudinal direction of the wood.

For stains and discolorations that water alone does not eliminate, use a teak cleaner compatible with the caulking product.



If desired, any severe stain can be removed quickly and easily by surface sanding. Depending on the roughness of the wood or the desired smoothness, you can use 60 to 120 grit sandpaper. Sanding can also eliminate most abrasions on the surface of natural teak.

In tropical climates or when it is very hot it is recommended to wet it every day, this will help it not to dry up and therefore cracks or problems with caulking will appear.

Do you need a complete deck refit?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a complete deck maintenance. We will be glad to inform you and send our best offer without commitments.

This article is brought to you thanks to our trusted partner NAUTEKA, and our friend J.L. Piñeiro.

Nauteka is a spanish company, expert in yacht and superyacht teak installations and maintenance.