Caracola Too

Caracola Too Yacht by Atollvic

Caracola Too Yacht by Atollvic

Built by Atollvic Shipyard, designed for an Spanish owner by Iñigo Echenique, for category-A oceanic navigation and its displacement of 50 tons.

It is very efficient in all types of wind conditions and has capacity for upper sails.
Corten steel was selected for the hull because of its high robustness, durability and undisputed safety aspects. The vessel’s average freeboard and damped pitching provide comfort even in the worst sea conditions.
Its Gori three blade folding propellers can provide up to one knot extra power and the transversal bow thrusters makes easy manoeuvring in port.
From the interior pilot’s seat that is located inside the living quarters, which provides a panoramic view, one can navigate sheltered from all types of weather inclemencies.

This is an ideal sailing vessel to travel with family and friends thanks to its ample accommodation space and ergonomic design.
The deck has been carefully designed to guarantee use of the different spaces without hindrance by obstacles and with easy access.


Hull materials: Corten A Steeel
Length: 21 mts
Max. beam: 5,4 mts
Max. draft: 2,7 mts
Displacement: 50.000 Kg
Engine: 265 Hp
Fuel tank: 2.900 liters
Completion date: 01/06/2005